Violin Techniques

Classic posture-violin resting on the collarbone with the left hand balancing

An experienced teacher instinctively understands what violin playing techniques are required during a students development.

Repertoire of various levels of difficulty should be introduced to encourage the student to think independently.

If this can be achieved then progress can be meteoric

Discerning teachers generally discuss with colleagues the most effective ways of improving a students learning experience. Discussions with parents may also be extremely beneficial.

A great deal has been written on violin techniques over the past three hundred years. For the purpose of this website students should look into a few of the following areas to further their knowledge and inspiration.

Conservatoire and University libraries will have suitable reference books and sheet music-etude/caprices for reference.

Books on violin techniques such as:
Leopold Mozart’s treatise 'On The Fundamental Principles of the Violin’ 1756.
Leopold Auer’s ‘The Way I Teach It’ 1921.
Exercises developing the coordination of both hands:
Dr. Dounis, Sevcik and Shradieck , cover many aspects of violin playing techniques.

Bow hold points of contact.
(same for viola)

Violin diminished sevenths and violin dominant sevenths are scales that will be instantly beneficial.

These intervals are used in many genres of music, and are found in the compositions of the virtuosos of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Paganini, Ernst, De Beriot, Wieniawski, Vieuxtemps and Sarasate to name but a few, incorporated such patterns for brilliant effects. Violin notes would cover the most extreme positions on the fingerboard. Many difficult violin chords would be incorporated, not only to make the performers violin techniques sound difficult, but also to look 'extravagant' as well.

Correct bow hold

Is violin technique a means to an end? How often do you hear "well they might have a big violin technique but I don’t hear much musicality."

Surely having a ‘big technique’ enables the violinist to express themselves more freely. The listener can then feel at ease with the performer! Poor technically executed music, cannot therefore be musical! 

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