Violin Diminished Seventh

The violin diminished seventh scale is a requirement for all grade exams. The diminished seventh scale, also known as a diminished seventh chord is constructed of minor third intervals. If the root (starting note) is D then the following notes would be F Ab Cb. 

Although the same notes are repeated in each octave the fingering will change. This is in contrast with piano scales, where the fingering remains constant within each octave. Similarly, the same set of circumstances apply to the diminished chords.

To practise a 
diminished seventh scale effectively it is recommended to repeat the first octave many times. The fingering remains constant, and the student will become more accustomed to the tonality of the diminished seventh chord.

The diminished 7th is generally considered a darker sounding scale, compared to its counterpart the dominant 7th.

The violin diminished seventh is an effective tool. Many virtuoso violinists of the nineteenth century, such as Wieniawski and Paganini employed the diminished 7th in rapid runs for maximum musical and visual effects!

As with all scales it is important not to neglect this area of study. Regular scale practice will enable the student to instantly recognise finger patterns. Over a period of time these exercises will gradually become easier. 

Violin arpeggios will also help with the regular practice of the diminished seventh and dominant seventh scale.

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