Violin Chords   

Violin chords can form the basis of brilliant fast string crossing passage work.
This is a technique that composers employ in virtuoso string writing. By keeping the fingers down on the strings, and moving them together simultaneously, it allows the bow total freedom to move across all four strings (if necessary) in a rapid motion.

Violin notes will sound extremely brilliant with a minimal amount of effort, while violin finger positions may remain stationary. This can create a brilliant effect as these combinations of violin notes are easily recognized in the music of Vivaldi and Paganini etc.

Violin chords may begin with a minimum of two notes together played simultaneously. They are usually all the intervals from minor seconds up to major tenths. In contemporary music it is possible to have even larger compound intervals of elevenths and so on.

Guitarist's use chord charts, and although violinist's do not use this format as such, it is effective to have a visual idea of how the fingers line up in relation to one another i.e. tones or semitones.

The violin chord chart or scale chart, on page 169 is a vehicle to find the instruction to practice the scales of thirds, sixths, octaves and tenths.

This will give a more random selection in different keys, rather than sticking with one complete key-scale

It is therefore important that the violin notes have vibrato to make them ring. 
Violin chords without open strings need vibrato. This will enable the violin to sound more open.

To recap; The violin fingering chart at the back of the manual is an indispensable aid in mastering two note chords in preparation for the pedagogue studies of Kreutzer, Fiorello, Rode, Mazas, Dont, Gavinies and Paganini.

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