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Since 2003 there has been a revolution in technology. Teachers are now able to use the internet as a teaching tool for music lessons.
Who would ever have believed that this would have been possible.


Lesson from the UK to Hong Kong



Bloch's Nigun, focusing on style & tone

Private violin lessons on Skype offer the innovative teacher an extra dimension to their teaching. Music lessons on Skype offer many advantages, and are now very much a reality for the serious student.

Lesson from UK to Singapore



Trinity grade 7 - focusing on articulation, phrasing & tone

Violin Skype lessons regularly take place all over the world including viola Skype lessons and possibly many other instruments.

Private lessons using Skype enables the student or keen amateur to benefit from having lessons from highly skilled instrumental teachers and performers.

Obviously some instruments work better than others, but for the string player, music lessons on Skype are easy and convenient. Private violin lessons on Skype  are not affected by weather with students unable to attend. Students, or teachers, who wish to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances can usually re-arranged quickly to everyone's convenience.

Violin Skype lessons can benefit students from those who are almost beginners to the most advanced players. This will of course be the same for viola Skype lessons and cello Skype lessons.

Violin lessons via Skype, viola Skype lessons and cello Skype lessons, can be delivered from anywhere with a good connection including wi-fi to a PC or Mac. Lessons can even be given using a smart phone. Face Time (iPhone) is also extremely effective.

In fact a small picture with these devices will give improved clarity and even a better sound when using good quality headphones. Where there is wi-fi this method allows tremendous flexibility.

Why do students and parents like music lessons on Skype?

This method enables access to the highest quality teaching which may not be available in their own city or country. There is no travelling involved. Flexibility for shorter and more frequent lessons may be arranged, resulting in unbelievably accelerated progress.

Students will find violin lessons online, (viola lessons online and cello lessons online) more intense, as both the teacher and the student must listen very carefully to what is being said and demonstrated.

As technology continues to improve, Skype music lessons will certainly proliferate over the next few years. Musicians are steadily catching on to the possibilities of Skype lessons online.

If you would like to know more about Skype lessons and how they will benefit you. Please contact Richard Crabtree who will answer any questions which you may have.

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