Violin Skype Lessons

Violin lessons via the internet are now possible due to the advancement in technology. More highly skilled teachers are realising that their knowledge is not confined to students who study with them in the same city or country.

It is now becoming more common place to give private violin lessons via the internet to many more places around the globe!

Students and parents are beginning to realise the advantages to taking violin lessons
via the internet.

Lesson from UK to Hong Kong


Rode study N0 6 - gentle approach to obtain the correct fingering & bowing while sight-reading

The most effective way to conduct violin Skype lessons is to make sure the technical side of things are sorted first. Natural light should come from behind the the computer as this will improve the picture to its maximum definition for the student receiving tuition. When electric light is being used it is necessary to avoid the computer screen being placed directly into light. 

Time zones of course must be understood. A lesson given in the UK at 8am (early start!) is 4pm in Hong Kong.

When violin Skype lessons begin, it is important that the student is facing the correct way, and that their computer is at the correct height and not facing directly into a strong light.

The teacher should type in the date, and begin typing instructions into the SMS at the bottom when necessary.

Numbered bullet points on how to correct the problems as they arise is very effective

The use of bar numbers is also extremely precise. The student can then print the information supplied at the end of the lesson.

It is advisable that they practise at least for the first few days using the order of the typed notes. This will make violin lessons via the internet extremely effective.

To save time music can be scanned by the teacher with suitable bowings and fingerings and visa versa. 

Please note that if the Skype teacher is not the main teacher, then the student or parents should seek approval from the regular teacher.

For the serious student the other major factor having violin lessons via the internet, is that it may be advantageous to take shorter and more frequent classes. More contact time will mean improved progress for all involved.

Violin Skype lessons are here to stay.

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